The Village is an accredited ASDAN programme provider. We currently run programmes in PSHE, social skills, work right and numeracy and literacy. The students who undertake these courses can progress and gain qualifications from Entry 1 – Level 2. 

ASDAN is a charitable social enterprise with awarding body status, providing courses to more than 6,000 schools, colleges, training providers and youth centres across the UK and beyond. ASDAN’s programmes and qualifications offer flexible ways to accredit personal and social education, skills development and enrichment activities, mainly for the 11-25 age groups.

How does ASDAN look at The Village?

Our ASDAN classes here at The Village are committed to providing young adults practical and functional skills whilst still gaining nationally recognized qualifications. We offer different programs to ensure we meet the needs of all our students, for more information please see below.


Personal Development Program: a portfolio based work program in which the teacher can adapt and change the style of work to suit the learner. It allows students to cover a wide range of topics and experiences e.g road safety, handling money, cooking, cleaning, applying for work and even interview skills. Often depending on the ability of the learner, they can progress through to the next stage known as the Cope Award which is equivalent to UCAS points (UK university admission points) and recognised by many universities worldwide.


Short Courses: We run 8 short courses in different capacities, covering the core subjects, English, Maths, Science as well as Sex and Relationships, Citizenship, Expressive Arts, Careers and Experiencing work, and Sports and Fitness. Credits obtained in the short courses can be used towards obtaining a bronze/silver or gold award from the personal development program. They are also portfolio based program which can be adapted to students individual needs and capabilities. To see an example timetable, please click here.


Towards Independence: This program is in line with P-Scales which are used for students who are not able to access the National Curriculum. It covers several areas including Communication and Numeracy, Independent Living and Personal Development and Citizenship. To see the full range of modules available please click here and to see an example timetable, please click here.


Transition Challenge: this is a learner centred, activity based curriculum which can be undertaken with as much support as necessary. It has a strong sensory element and is usually used with PMLD students although it can be adapted for students who are more able. It also enables students to progress on to the employability program which prepares them for the world of work and offers them work experience opportunities.

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