General Educational Development (GED)

What is GED ?

The initials GED stand for General Educational Development. The GED certificate is equal to a high school diploma. In Thailand the GED credential is accepted by the Ministry of Education as high school equivalency (Mathayom 6) which can be used for admission to college/university. Universities that accept the GED certificate include Mahidol University, Bangkok University, Thammasat University and Assumption University (ABAC).

The GED Test measures how well someone has mastered the skills and general knowledge that are acquired in a four-year high school education. The test does not expect someone to remember numerous details, definitions, or facts. You are expected to demonstrate the ability to think about a variety of issues. You are tested on knowledge and skills you have acquired from life experiences, at school, from radio; television, books, newspapers, consumer products, and advertising.

The GED Test has changed periodically to keep up with the knowledge and skills needed in society. The last change was in January 2002. The changes reflect what a high school graduate in 2002 knows and can do. The GED test in use today is the January 2002 version.

You must have a minimum of a 9th grade reading level. This means that you have the ability to read and understand newspapers, forms, and letters. You must also have the ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide by hand. Developing strong reading and thinking skills are the keys to succeeding on these tests.

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Success Stories
Here are just some of our students who have graduated from The Village with their GED and then continued in their education at universities across the world.